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"Being a CCS math major has made me push the boundaries of what I believe I could do as a student. Most of all what makes CCS an excellent program is the support group that comes with taking classes with only 12-15 students. Having such a small group makes you know that when the classes get tough, you're not alone. The group I've learned I can most depend on in this school are my colleagues in CCS math." Conor O'Sullivan CCS Mathematics Student

        General requirements

Every CCS student is encouraged to create his or her own course program with the guidance of a faculty advisor. However, there are some standard requirements with which most students must comply:

  1. Completion of a minimum of 180 quarter units.
  2. Cumulative/overall minimum GPA of 2.0 for courses completed at UCSB.
  3. Satisfaction of UC Entry Level Writing Requirement (through SAT, ACH, or AP Exam/IB Credit; by passing the Subject A Examination; or satisfactory completion of Writing 1 or equivalent).
  4. Writing 2 or an equivalent is an additional requirement for CCS math majors.
  5. Satisfaction of UCSB American History and Institutions (AH & I) Requirement. Satisfaction with AP American History of AP Government. Or One (1) four unit applicable course See UCSB General Catalog for list of courses that satisfy this requirement).
  6. Satisfaction of Ethnic Studies Requirement. (One (1) four unit applicable course See UCSB General Catalog for list of courses that satisfy this requirement).
  7. Completion of CCS Breadth (or G.E.) Requirements:
    1. Two (2) courses taken outside of the math program but related to math. Classes in any science department other than psychology count as math related. Here you will find the full list of UCSB science deparments. A course in physics and a course in computer science is strongly recommended. These must be academic 3.0-4.0 unit courses.
    2. Eight (8) courses taken outside of the math program and not related to mathematics. They should be broadly distributed in diverse areas of study. It is suggested that 4 courses are taken in Humanities and Fine Arts (, and the other 4 in Social Sciences (  No more than two courses can be taken in the same department.  These courses must be academic 4.0 unit courses.
  8. The General Requirement classes (i.e. those classes referred to in 4-7 above) must be taken for a letter grade. The math-related GE's and the writing requirement cannot be satisfied by online courses.
  9. A minimum of 6 Quarters of Residency in CCS.
  10. Major requirements.