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"Being a CCS math major has made me push the boundaries of what I believe I could do as a student. Most of all what makes CCS an excellent program is the support group that comes with taking classes with only 12-15 students. Having such a small group makes you know that when the classes get tough, you're not alone. The group I've learned I can most depend on in this school are my colleagues in CCS math." Conor O'Sullivan CCS Mathematics Student

    Math major requirements





In addition, every student should take 9 (7 if they took Discrete Mathematics II and III) more math classes of his/her choice. Those classes could be undergraduate or graduate classes. Some examples of undergraduate classes available are:



In the Statistics Department,


Mathematics classes in the Mathematics Department must be taken for a letter grade. For a letter-graded class to count as a major requirement, a grade of C or higher is required. For a CCS math class to count as a major requirement, at least 3 units (for a 4-unit class) or 4 units (for a 5-unit class) are required.

Lower division mathematics classes do not count as major requirements unless permission is granted by the CCS Math advisor.

Most students are able to fulfill these requirements in their first three years at UCSB. After that, they are encouraged to take graduate courses and pursue more independent study.  A master’s program is also available.