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"The CCS Math program provides not only a very compelling and thoroughly rigorous education, but more importantly it provides the necessary motivation to excel in mathematics. The accessibility and flexibility of the CCS faculty, the interaction with other bright and inspired students and the student-geared courses make the experience extremely rewarding and fun." Per von Soosten CCS Mathematics Student

Mathematics in CCS

When choosing the college that is a good "fit" for you, keep in mind that
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CCS provides individual mentorship to each student, encourages creative work and self-learning, and provides a strong community of highly-motivated and intelligent people.

Apply to CCS Mathematics

To apply to CCS Mathematics, follow the instructions in the following link:

The selection process takes in a wide range of variables including coursework, opportunities, personal experience, and other features. Students with a strong interest and/or preparation in math are encouraged to apply. Applicants shall normally have completed AP Calculus BC but strong students not possessing this course are also encouraged to apply.

Overview of CCS Mathematics

The mission of the College of Creative Studies (CCS) is to recruit the most talented and imaginative undergraduates, and provide them with the intellectual environment and advice that allows them to undergo the transition quickly from consumers of knowledge to colleagues in the act of human creativity in the arts and science.

The Math Program at the College of Creative Studies (CCS) provides a rigorous education in Mathematics to highly-motivated students. The small class sizes, the close student-faculty interaction, and the flexibility of the program create an environment in which students can develop high-level abilities in mathematics and become well-prepared for graduate work. The students are encouraged to take advantage of the many research opportunities available in the Mathematics Department as well as at other institutions through Summer Research Programs, and visits to other universities. The students also enjoy the freedom to create their own program of study based on their interests once they have fulfilled some basic requirements.

CCS Mathematics is a joint program between the College of Creative Studies and the UCSB Mathematics Department.

The main goals of the Math Program at the College of Creative Studies are the following:

  1. To identify individuals with special talents in mathematics.
  2. To create a positive learning environment for highly-motivated and talented students.
  3. To immerse students more deeply in mathematics than is usual in standard undergraduate programs.
  4. To provide students with a flexible plan of study, giving them the opportunity to tailor an individualized program according to their interests.
  5. To promote research among undergraduate students.
  6. To encourage students to pursue graduate study.


Students take their core first year courses as well as some second year courses in CCS, and then complete all upper-division courses within the Mathematics Department. The CCS sequences give students a thorough introduction to basic mathematics with an emphasis on problem solving, communication, and collaboration. As part of the course, students attend discussion sessions  in which they present their work to each other. They also attend Problem Solving seminars where the students develop problem solving skills and  get introduced in doing research in Mathematics. The program is flexible though and adjusts to the needs of individual students. The students can be placed in higher level classes if they show proficiency in the material covered by beginning courses. Many of the CCS math students take graduate courses in their junior year. Some start taking graduate courses as early as their sophomore or even their freshman year depending on their previous experience. 

The skills and abilities learned in CCS courses allow students who choose to do so to do research in mathematics and related fields with math faculty and make significant contributions during their undergraduate careers. Summer research fellowships are available to help make this possible. See for example SURF fellowhips and Math Summer Research Program. It is also required that  CCS mathematics students prepare a senior thesis prior to graduation.

As a summary, some of the advantages of doing a Math major in CCS are:

  1. Four intensive three quarter sequences of CCS math courses, starting in the fall of the freshman year.
  2. Joint program CCS and Mathematics Department.
  3. Small classes/Seminars.
  4. Early involvement in research.
  5. Personal faculty advising.
  6. Personalized curriculum tailored towards your interests.
  7. Access to courses without taking prerequisites, including graduate level courses.
  8. No limit on the number of courses or units you can take.
  9. Simplified and more flexible general education requirements.
  10. Priority registration for classes.
  11. Graduate student library privileges.
  12. CCS students may drop courses up to the last day of instruction in all departments but the writing department.
  13. 24 hour access to the CCS building.

To find out more about the CCS Mathematics program, please, contact us to arrange a visit.