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"Choosing to apply to CCS mathematics was one of the best decisions I have ever made. This program was a serious selling point for my choice in attending UCSB. Never in my life have I been so academically challenged or engaged. As a result of this, I'm working harder than I have in my life but I couldn't possibly enjoy it more. All the professors in this program are brilliant, and they truly care that their students LEARN the material and understand the concepts as opposed to regurgitate definitions. I'm very pleased with my choice, and am looking forward to the years to come ." Alex Sheftel and Ian Bloom CCS Mathematics Student

Senior thesis 2016-2017

1. "Asymptotic behavior and random selection of sequences of subsets of groups," by Eric Rice (Advisor: Dr. Chuck Akemann).

2. "Convergence of binomial model for American path-dependent option," by Jie Jan (Advisor: Dr. Tomoyuki Ichiba).

3. "Voter models and their applications," by Lihui Mao (Advisor: Dr. Tomoyuki Ichiba).

4. "An insight into Caccetta-Haggkvist conjecture", by Yukang Shen (Advisor: Dr. Karel Casteels).

5. "Study on spectral element method for simulating seismic wave propagation," by Zehui Xiang (Advisor: Dr. Xu Yang).

6. "Perturbation analysis of non-linear convervative systems in 1d", by Zihan Yi (Advisor: Dr. Denis Labutin).

7. "Nonlinear optimization of contiguity-constrained multiple linear regression including an indicator variable", by Landon Settle (Advisor: Dr. Alan Murray).