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"Choosing to apply to CCS mathematics was one of the best decisions I have ever made. This program was a serious selling point for my choice in attending UCSB. Never in my life have I been so academically challenged or engaged. As a result of this, I'm working harder than I have in my life but I couldn't possibly enjoy it more. All the professors in this program are brilliant, and they truly care that their students LEARN the material and understand the concepts as opposed to regurgitate definitions. I'm very pleased with my choice, and am looking forward to the years to come ." Alex Sheftel and Ian Bloom CCS Mathematics Student

Senior thesis 2012-2013

1. "The solution of the equation AX+X*B=0", by Nathan Guillery (Advisor: Fernando de Teran).

2. "Systematic Reductions in the Stochastic Eulerian-Lagrangian Method for Fluid-Structure Interactions with Thermal Fluctuations", by Gil Tabak (Advisor: Paul Atzberger).

3. "Linearizing Symmetric Matrix Polynomials via Fiedler Pencils with Repetition" by Kyle Curlett (Advisor: Maribel Bueno).

4. "Reversible Cellular Automata", by Michio Poppleton (Advisor: Cetin Kaya Koc).

5. "Planar rook algebra with colors", by Nathan Schley (Advisor: Stephen Bigelow).

6. "Strategic R&D in Competitive Resource Markets", by Mark Duggan (Advisor: Michael Ludkovsky).

7. "Run Time Efficiency and the AKS Primality Test", by Roeland Singer-Heinze (Advisor: Jeffrey Stopple).